The design

Many events in life are worth preparing for and it's good to have a sense of how far away they are when you look at a calendar. With The Big Picture it's always easy to see how many weeks away an upcoming event is. This is useful for weddings, births, vacations, or anything else you're looking forward to. So make big plans and take them on.

Weeks don't stop for the ends of months. Your calendar should always show you what's happening in the next couple weeks. It should not break it up and make you do extra mental work to figure out what's happening. With these calendars it's always easy to see what's coming up.

A lot of things happen in a year. Whether you use the regular or laminated version of the calendar, you're going to see a year's worth of things you've accomplished along the way. That's important for tracking your own personal progress and seeing what has made you change and grow along the year.

To pick up a new skill or habit an effective method is to do it every single day and marking it down as you do. As you progress you'll start to see a chain building up, giving you momentum, pushing you on. With the continuous weeks this chain will be extra significant and any lapse all the clearer. As the chain grows, your own life changes.